Where can I find more information about  

Human Trafficking and efforts to stop it ?

Selected Websites:

     FBI (www.fbi.gov)

          FBI - Human Trafficking Help Document

          FBI - What We Investigate

     US Department of State 2018 TIP Report (www.state.gov/j/tip/rls/tiprpt/2018/)

     National Institute of Justice (www.nij.gov)

     US Justice Department - (www.justice.gov)

     South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force  *** 
     South Carolina Government (www.scstatehouse.gov
              Laws,Agencies, Legislation action 

     Federal Government (www.congress.gov)
              Laws, Legislation action

     *** ECCAHT  is a member of the SC Human Trafficking Task Force  

      Presidential Proclamation on Human Trafficking - 2019

South Carolina Plan to address Human Trafficking (http://www.scag.gov/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Human-Trafficking-State-Plan.pdf)

Posters - SC AG


    Polaris Project (www.polarisproject.org) or

              This Project operates the National Human Trafficking Resource Center
                 and Hotline.  It also includes extensive information on trafficking in the
                 USA and internationally.

     United Methodist Women (www.unitedmethodistwomen.org)



Suggested Books: 

     A Crime So Monstrous  by E. Benjamin Skinner

     Girls Like Us  by Rachel Lloyd

     God in a Brothel, An Undercover Journey into Sex Trafficking
             and Rescue  by Daniel Walker

     In our Backyard  by Nita Belles, 2011 

     Renting Lacey  by Linda Smith

     Smuggling and Trafficking in Human Beings: 
            All Roads Lead to America  by Sheldon S. Zhang, 2007

     The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy It  
            by Victor Malarek

     The White Umbrella - Walking with survivors of sex trafficking  
           by Mary Frances Bowley, 2012
     The Slave
 Across the Street  by Theresa Flores, 2010

     The Slave Next Door  by Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter, 2010

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