What Can I Do ?

Keep learning about the scope of this heinous crime

Be alert to the crime and report it -- better to have over-reacted to your suspicions than

to fail to help save a victim

Support changes to state and federal laws that increase penalties and provide for rehabilitation of victims
    _ Contact your representatives!

Raise awareness by sharing what you know about the crime in all of your venues

Encourage speakers for informational events

Publicize the National Human Trafficking Hotline number  888.3737.888

Join the Eastern Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking
and get involved as a volunteer --    


       Public education/ outreach/ speakers bureau

       Marketing/communication/web maintenance

       Victim support

       Law Enforcement Liaison

       Legislative Advocacy      


 P.O. Box 51713 

 Myrtle Beach, SC  29579 

 Ph: 843-997-3915 or

Donate to our Wish List:
 Printing partners for brochures and presentation materials

       Financial donations for :

       Website maintenance, Education, Victim Assistance, etc.


   If you think someone is a victim of
human trafficking, call your Local Police or 
1-888-CRIMESC or the
National Human Trafficking Hotline 1.888.3737.888

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